As my family traveled down the dicey special needs parenting road in search of the best possible life for our son, we were fortunate to meet some wonderful professionals with great heart that made an incredible difference in Eric’s life and development.

Few had as much impact as Andrea Benyovszky, program director of the Conductive Learning Center (CLC) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The CLC “provides intensive, multidisciplinary approach to education, training, and development for individuals with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other motor challenges.” Conductive Education was developed in 1945 in Hungary by Dr. Andras Peto.

Andrea Benyovszky is directly associated with the Peto Institute in Budapest (her home) and is one of the most outstanding professionals and human beings I’ve ever met. I had high expectations for my son throughout his life. Andrea Benyovszky taught me to raise my own bar higher for Eric, and I will be forever grateful. The children and families in this remarkable woman’s care are indeed fortunate.

I am honored to call her my friend.

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Judy Winter