Today’s Sunday Spirit is concise and to the point. No rude rambling.

I experienced a busy weekend, which included several fun outings, including dinner with dear friends. It was also a weekend that ended with attending a beautiful Celebration of Life for the husband of another friend, diagnosed with cancer in October and gone three months later.

As I breathed in all the shock and grief and love in the room where the Celebration was held, I was again reminded of one thing.

None of us knows when we will take our final breath. It’s not always dependent upon age or fitness or ethnicity. Sooner or later, death gets us all. But when it takes someone in a way we define as too soon, we would be wise to again remember to walk away with the lesson to prioritize our lives in such a way that when we exit, we leave loved ones behind with little or no regrets.

Because we lived and love them well.

Take time to love the ones you’re with.

While you still can.

None of us knows exactly when.