As promised a few blogs back, here’s another poem from the Women Writing for a Change Up North Retreat I attended in July / Women Writing for (a) Change.

This one is from Anni Macht Gibson, our fearless retreat leader and author of the book Unfinished. I like to desribe Anni’s terrific work as feature stories in poetry form, which appeals to my little-‘ol-non-fiction-writing self.

Anni has singlehandedly helped me regain appreciation for the genre. No small feat! Her poetry always leave me wanting to know more. This one fits especially well with special needs advocacy.


How to Change the World
by Anni Macht Gibson

First, do no harm.
See what others cannot.
Persist in the face of obstacles.
Be self-reliant – it’s up to you.
Influence others through your example.
Battle bureaucracies like a fire-breathing dragon.
Let your idea posses you.
Do it backwards, upside down and inside out.
Start small and learn, then spread out.
Be childlike in your desire to change the world.
Never take no for an answer!
Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations