In light of Thursday’s resignation by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, the September 5th Detroit Free Press devoted its entire first section to the meteroric rise and hard fall of the embattled politician who brought both pride and shame to the Motor City. 

Reporters, columnists and the world’s top news sources weighed in on the story.  But it was Governor Jennifer Granholm, saved the job of removing Kilpatrick from office herself, who best summed up the key lesson of this sad story with her statement in the article, “Let this be a lesson for leaders” (Ben Schmitt, Free Press Staff Writer).  
“Commentators and historians, I expect, will use the lessons of these difficult months to teach those young, future politicians about the important of integrity and honor and duty to the public,” she said. “When a public official violates that sacred trust, the violation and its consequences affect more than that individual. It affects us all.” To read more, visit:
Kwame Kilpatrick’s example holds valuable lessons for us all.
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