Fall delivers spiced cider, nature’s glory, dancing leaves, spectacular photo ops, steaming mugs of a.m. tea, coffee, and decadent hot chocolate, hearty soup, unpredictable college football, the return of spirited students, hayrides, clearer thinking, less sweating, comfort food and healthier appetites, great walking weather, harvest moons, long, hot showers, comfy jeans, toasty fires and addictive reads, new television dramas and new bad reality TV. It offers up cider mill adventures with fresh, sugary donuts, crispy, caramel apples and pumpkin carving, farmers in the field late, more creative energy, no heat indices, Pure Michigan color trips North, trick or treaters in unusual costumes, candy-corn sugar buzzes, my kids’ birthdays (and a wedding anniversary), cool new boots and cozy sweaters to wrap yourself up in, and relief from shaving legs every day (girls!). Except for shorter days, less outdoor dining, flu shots, static hair and ragweed, what’s not to love?