From my friend, Gail Williamson of the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA) and Heart and Halo Talent:

“I attended the Tri Union (SAG, AFTRA, Equity) Diversity Awards last night at the Nate Holden Theatre. J.R. Martinez was one of the honorees. A lovely man who came right over to accept his award after getting a perfect score for his dance on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. J.R. has the stuff, but not the fan base to vote for him like some of the better known dancers who aren’t as good. It’s time for those of us who support diversity in the media to step up and help a guy out. Next Monday night, vote on every phone you have for him. Tell your friends to vote for him.”

My words: I don’t believe you should vote in diversity in a contest or life where it is not earned or deserved. But in this case, not only is J.R. Martinez an amazing, spirited and gifted man and a great example of ability to others, but I think he’s the best dancer, too. And wasn’t that the initial premise of this show anyway?????

Read J.R.’s inspiring story here.

Then please, vote.
Courtesy photo.