Today honors Ukraine’s Independence Day.

Proud history now overshadowed by the realities of a devastating and ugly 6-month-old war that rages on.

I don’t think I will ever understand such destruction.

In the midst of it all are the sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine, and one of its largest exports, a financial reality seriously challenged by this war.

I’m hoping for peace for the country and its beautiful, resilient people.


And for all the sunflowers that provide valuable income and joy for people everywhere.

When I joyfully visited a lovely sunflower field this past weekend and saw the Ukrainian flag planted firmly in the middle of all the beauty and buzzing bees, I again paused to soberly remember, before sending a prayer heavenward into the perfectly blue sky.

It’s something I can do in my sadness and solidarity.

From the middle of peaceful farmer’s field nearly 5,000 miles away.

I send heartfelt prayers and healing sunflowers to you, Ukraine, especially today.

In the midst of so many daunting current world challenges, we have not forgotten.

At least, I haven’t.

Heartfelt wishes.


Especially for long-overdue peace.

Every single time I see a sunflower, I will pause and remember.

Are you still supporting the people of Ukraine in some way?