For the next twelve days, I’m recognizing individuals who make a big difference in the lives of kids/adults with special needs, and their families (including mine).

You can do the same by offering up your own verbal or written thanks to the people in your life who have most impacted your children this past year.

Saying ‘Thank You!’ is a beautiful gift to share, one that costs us nothing, and leaves us feeling blessed.

Good karma.



I can’t think of a better start than shouting out Kudos!! to all the great siblings in special needs families. Siblings often go above and beyond the call of sisterly/brotherly duty to make life better for others in their families, especially for family members with special needs. Being a sib in these families is no easy gig to play, but a priceless role, which is why I devoted an entire chapter to them in my book. They are my heroes.

For another good special needs sibs resource, click here.
Photo of Eric with his big sister, Jenna, by Judy Winter years ago. Seems like only yesterday.

Judy Winter