After spending nearly two decades advocating on behalf of children with special needs, and their families, I’ve come to one conclusion: involved, loving, committed parents of children with special needs are some of the finest individuals you will ever meet.

I treasure the stories you’ve shared with me about the impact my book has had on your lives, including the emotional emails filled with your stories of parenting success. Your generous hugs at my book signings across the country have gotten me through some difficult days, and further fueled me for the tough advocacy work that remains.

The general parenting world has much to learn from the remarkable, pain-staking efforts of special needs families as they work creatively each day to help their children live the best lives possible, no easy feat. You represent the best of parenting.

Holiday blessings and kudos to each and everyone of you. You’re changing children’s lives.

I can’t imagine an effort more worthwhile.
Photo of our favorite RicStar Camp families from Canada by Judy Winter 2010.

Judy Winter