Today’s outfit was all about going slightly professional and stylish, with a dash of silver.

My goal was to feel motivated and get a lot done after the big summer holiday.

Not put on more beach wear that makes me want to play in the waves and distracts me from the work at hand.

Especially challenging on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday.

Can you relate?

I chose this new black wrap Maeve skirt from Anthropologie.

Comfy and cute. It will be on repeat a lot, including in the fall with a sweater and boots.

I added a simple black tank from TJ Maxx, a summer staple, and my trusty silver Birkenstocks.

Finally, I added a silver statement necklace, a jewelry score from Tekeli Designs from a great art fair this past Saturday.

I love it! It’s a bit Grecian and makes me feel a little Goddess like this morning.

The look is simple with flair. It’s comfy and I feel really good in it.

I‘ve been productive this morning, too.

That was a major goal.

Sassy fashion with purpose and professional results. Can’t beat that!

As always, this fashion rant is my own.

What are you wearing today to help you feel more motivated on this day after a major, sultry summer holiday?