Did you know that today is National Sibling Day?

That presents a great opportunity for families to recognize and celebrate the important sibling bond, especially in families with special needs. Perhaps in no other family is the sibling bond so incedibly challenged, yet so remarkably rewarding. The emotional and physical challenges these brothers and sisters face together often build a rock-solid bond and fierce loyalty that is too rarely understood by the rest of the world. It’s often an inspiring bond to witness.

Take some time today to check in with all of the sibs in your household and talk about the gifts that come from the special sibling bond, regardless of the daily challenges presented. Perhaps this is a great time to open up that honest discussion, too.

Siblings in families living with special needs are my heroes. Today, I salute their valuable, life-changing roles!

They serve as a much-needed example to all of us.

For more information about siblings and special needs, including SIBSHOPS visit: The Sibling Support Project of the ARC of the United States, at www.siblingsupport.org

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