This week’s addition to my fall Sassy Fashionista wardrobe is short and simple. UGG boots. Those tall, super warm, very stylish and newer-style UGG boots.

This style imitates one of the earlier looks that often sold out very quickly. This one has the familiar look and the extra trimming up the sides and around the ankles.

These boots are not inexpensive. I’ve had mine for a long time. When I got a nasty hole in the top of the left boot foot area last winter, it was definitely a problem. Instead of sending them off somewhere for repair, I decided they were worn enough to justify replacement.

So, when I walked into a cute shoe store during an early winter snowstorm last week and saw them on display and in my size, I decided to purchase them. I still love these.

The nasty mid-January-like frigid and snowy winter weather pattern is continuing. But now my Sassy Fashionista feet are again warm and toasty.

And stylish, of course.

I’ll be donating my old ones so someone else can keep their toes toasty, too.

Are you a fan of UGG boots?