Hope it’s been a great summer for you and your family; it’s going quickly!!  The good news is there’s still time to enjoy all the seasonal magic, even as the days get shorter by the minute!

But you’ve gotta be quick, before backpacks, early morning bus calls, and IEPT meetings (sorry…) start taking over your life again. Memories created in these waning days of summer can help see you through another challenging year of parenting.  Here are a few photos from some of my recent summer adventures, including kids at the beach, dog days, big sailboats and cool kites on Mackinac Island, summer flowers and dazzling sunsets, street festivals and of course, romantic weddings. 

So many adventures and so little time.

Enjoy them all! Then get the gang back outdoors quickly, before it snows. Word on the street, and in the Farmer’s Almanac, is it’s going to be a rough winter everywhere!  

So take lots of pics and video to enjoy later on when you’re stuck indoors for weeks on end, or facing another IEP (sorry again).

Summer leaves us far too soon…