Prayers are wonderful.

I believe they work, especially when combined with taking action that impacts real change.

Not looking away from senseless carnage and loss of life is commendable.

Pretending that horrific gun violence is now part of daily life in America is not.

Bold action is needed.

Yours and mine.

On this final Sunday of the month, I find faith while searching for answers, of which there are few.

But there are important actions we can each take.

I pray we each have the individual courage to take them.

My God says we should.

Does yours?

Thoughts & prayers are with the people of Uvalde, Texas.

But we also need Action for all our nation’s children. For justice. To stop this insanity.

The children gunned down in Uvalde, and their bereaved family members, deserve at least that much.

God bless each and every one of these families as they face each excruciating new day without their loved ones.

Thoughts, prayers & Action. Yes. Action.

Fueled by true faith, the painful search for answers, and a God of mercy.

Pray. Yes. Powerful prayer. I believe in it. Have seen it at work in my own life in tough moments.

But that combined with action. Therein lies the real power of prayer.

If you listen to answer in prayers, I believe you will hear a call to action, too.

Listen carefully and then search your soul.

What kind of a world do you want for your children? Your grandchildren? For yourself?

Be a changemaker. A peacemaker. A light in a dark world we still can enlighten.

Guided by the One who is all about love.

What action will you take this week with your prayers?