It’s that time of year when the sultry summer sun and high humidity tire me out and leave me feeling a little bedraggled.

Sweaty, too.

It’s the time I also start thinking about fall fashion and those annual weighty fashions magazines!

I‘m especially fond of the September Issue of Vogue.

Fall is my favorite season of all.

I love all the cool boots, colorful coats, and charming fisherman’s sweaters, and I can’t wait to dig them all back out.

For the next few Mondays, my Sassy Fashionista posts will feature a few of the coveted items I’m adding to my autumn closet this year.

Piece by piece.

While trying not to break the fashion bank.

That begins today with this beautiful artisan ring I purchased yesterday at a local art fair.

It has a silver setting showcasing a prehistoric stone.

Or so I’ve been told.

I have no reason to doubt the artist.

I am a huge fan of rings with big stones and this one certainly fits the bill.

I also like the color brown for fashion, which is supposed to be big this season.

The ring comes with its own emotional story told by a grieving mother.

Her son, a talented silversmith and skilled jeweler, passed away earlier this year.

He made this lovely ring I purchased.

Yesterday, his booth was manned by his mother and two sisters.

They are obviously still grieving and anxious to tell their story of loss.

It’s all still so fresh and painful and messy.

They told me about some of their son’s final words.

He wanted to share his work with others and help pay family bills in the process.

Sell it all!” he told them.

The artist’s mother teared up telling me this part of her story.

“I‘d rather have him here than have the money,” she said.

I get it.

It’s a confession I think most, if not all, mothers would agree with.

As I purchased this beautiful piece, the woman blessed me for appreciating it and for sharing her son’s work.

I promised I’d send a prayer into the heavens whenever I wear the ring.

It will be on repeat this fall.

The first purchase for my favorite season of all.

One that now holds a little extra fall meaning.

Autumn love.

Are you excited about fall fashion?

What do you plan to add to your fall 2022 closet?

Reminder: As always, today’s fashion rant is all my own.