Short and sweet Sassy Fashionista post for this rainy, June Monday morning.

Fashion news:

I recently fell in love with a pair of blue-striped trousers online from a London-based retail site. I really, really wanted them.

They were a bit cost prohibitive, and since I’m being in a bit more disciplined in my fashion purchases, I held off ordering them. For now.

But they stayed in my mind, and I was having a bit of didn’t-buy-them regret.

So, I was especially excited when I found one pair in my size of a surprisingly similar pair at my local T.J.Maxx this past weekend.

For only $15.00! Good fabric, similar stipes, even a belt I’m not wearing here because of the tie on my new ballet-inspired top from Anthropologie.

Can you say, big Lucky Find and Fashion Score?!!!

Hmmm….Maybe I visualized them into existence.

However it happened, I’m one happy girl on this morning to be sporting my new comfy, linen, blue-striped trousers.

I‘m even feeling a little bit British…

Do you get excited when you chance upon an unexpected fashion bargain?

(Per usual, this fashion rant is unsponsored. So far…)