I’ve been looking for a striped shirt for a long time to add to my fashion wardrobe.

They come highly recommended in the fashion world, are considered very Parisian, and as a rule, fashion influencers hype them.

The more oversized and manly the better. Often 100 percent cotton, too.

Not my fav.

Problem is that I’ve never really been a fan of these shirts, especially the ones that look more masculine.

I don’t want to look like a guy. I don’t want to add something to my wardrobe because powers of fashion say you should have it in your wardrobe, and truth be told, I’ve never found one I liked or that fit me well.

Until now.

At $98, this Maeve Silky Striped Buttondown from Anthropologie in Viscose/Polyamide finally got my attention, and my purchase, as a shirt I could wear on repeat.

It’s not manly. The fabric is soft and more blouse like and the sleeves are balloon shaped. The price is reasonable for a good shirt, and ultimately, I like how it looks on me. The stripes going in different directions and wider stripes help add a bit of cool factor to it, too.

So, I bought it, and now I’ve checked off one more thing on my basic-wardrobe list, while adding a practical, professional, and feminine piece that I can easily dress up or down.

Tying it at the waist is right for me, too, as you can see in these images.

My long-time Sassy Fashionista shirt search is over.

Just in time for spring and summer. If they ever return…

Do you have a basic striped shirt in your wardrobe?


Winter Images

Winter Images