Until age 11, a young girl with autism was locked inside a body and disability, unable to express herself in ways that others understood, until technology changed everything.

The ABC 20/20 Medical Mysteries segment featured below explains how Carly was able to break out of her body and communicate with others, especially her family, and show her intelligence. The resulting reality is both beautiful and life changing. The story reminded me of the first time my son, Eric, was able to express his own independent thoughts by using a computer, a memory which still brings tears to my eyes. He was finally able to prove that his wheelchair use and physical challenges did not also automatically equal an intellectual disability. Game changing. People treated him differently.

In the future, we had hoped state-of-the-art technology would give our son the freedom to pursue and showcase his love of music and song writing and attend college, dreams cut far too short.

Technology has opened up the world for so many people with disabilities, as has the unconditional love and perseverance of so many remarkable parents and some exceptional professionals. Bless them all.

Watch ‘Autistic Gril Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence’ here, and become inspired and further motivated regarding your own personal goals.
Photo Jenna Winter

Judy Winter