I’m a bit behind on the Extreme Makeover-Home Edition update.

Sorry, but I think you’ll find it worth the wait! 🙂 

Here is a quick update and some photos from my first visit to the construction site today. I’ll do a series of these, so be sure to check back each day.  
Everything happens very fast and all involved work very hard.
The Nickless family was revealed as the lucky ones chosen last Friday.  This mom of three boys lost her husband, Tim, last January after a long struggle with Hepatitis C, which the former ICU nurse contacted after getting stuck with a needle on the job.  
Once again, EMHE chose a deserving family who desperately needed their magic touch–and magic is what this team spreads wherever they go.  
Since the reveal, things have been happening quickly.  
Razing the old house took place yesterday.
The foundation was poured this a.m.. By the time I got there at 1 p.m. the walls were almost all up and the focus was on getting the roof on before the rain hit mid afternoon! 
There’s no time to waste when you promise brand new digs in seven days. Talk about big pressure, but this professional team handles it well.Here are just a few photos from today.  I took lots, but let’s start this post with some fun shots of a couple of the celeb designers. 
Michael Moloney, with the popular show since its beginning, was busy working on the house with the dedicated professional volunteers. This is as close as my zoom (and security) would allow. I love Michael’s contagious enthusiasm and his heart. Plus, he’s talented!
Rib Hillis is a definite crowd pleaser who, like the rest of the team, graciously takes time for media, photos and autographs with the appreciative crowd. Hillis was especially popular with the ladies who were more than thrilled to get photos taken with him. Hmmmm, wonder why… 

Rib’s motto?  “Make a difference-today!” 
I couldn’t agree more.
I just missed seeing the ever-energetic Ty Pennington who was off spreading tons more good Karma in the community.  But I promise I’ll try to get him before the week is out. With all the bad news out there these days, this kind of reporting is fun. I hope my sharing it brings a smile to your face, too. The amazing good these people do deserves our kudos, and then some.
It’s a great example for all of us.
For more information on Hepatitus C, visit: http://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/index.htm
For more on EMHE, visit: abc.com
For more about the build, visit: mayberryhomes.com