In a prior post that included Rib Hillis, I was unable to get close ups of Michael Moloney because he was across the street working on the house.
I’m about to rectify that with pictures I took yesterday as Michael checked out progress on the build, then thrilled the appreciative crowd while taking time for a radio interview.  I think these photos capture well the enthusiasm and personality plus of this talented designer who has been with the show since it’s inception. Michael has always been one of my favs! 

I’ve also included a shot of the adorable, talented Paige Hemmis who caught me unprepared as she walked by quickly and unexpectedly.  But here’s one shot of the designer in pink, of course! …and yes, it was cold enough for the warm jacket she has on!
Special Note: I’ve devoted a ton of time, effort and space to the Michigan build this week because I strongly support the important work that Extreme Makeover Home Edition has done on behalf fo the special needs population over the years.  If you want to see how to interact well with families facing special needs, while addressing their immediate daily needs with dignity, determination and heart, watch the Extreme team in action each week and apply what you learn. No one in prime-time handles this subject as well. 
Thanks, EMHE team! You make my special needs advocacy work just a bit easier.
Now, Move that Bus!

UPDATE: Sat. 10-4-08:  to see Friday’s reveal, including brief video, visit link below: (or