Jeanie Croope and I have been best buddies for nearly three decades. My friend, who’s more like a sister, is incredibly smart, funny, caring, generous and talented.

Jeanie also has a chronic disease that proves challenging to her on a daily basis, and to those around her, including those who love her most. She’s just posted some honest, emotional words about her medical challenges on her popular blog the The Marmalade Gypsy in the hope it will help others better understand chronic illness and those who live with it daily. I’m sharing the link here because I believe her words can also help families with special needs, challenged 24/7 by a variety of tough moments.

Read Lessons from a Chronic Disease here, and then consider passing it on to those you believe could benefit.

Thanks, Jeanie, for starting an important conversation.

I’ve got your back.

Photo Judy Winter 2011