I will always be a writer/lover of the written word at heart, especially through much of my work as an author/columnist.

I also recognize that videos are clearly becoming an increasingly important medium now and for the future, and they can help you grow your audience.

If you’re into that and expanding your reach beyond the familiar, safe, supportive choir.

I am.

That said, my web designer and I have just added a Video Page to my website.

Find that here: Videos – Judy Winter, or in the link in the website header.

We will be adding more videos in the future as this writer becomes increasingly comfortable with the action medium.

It’s clear that many people now prefer to see things in action, vs reading too many words.

A warning to writers that tend to drone on.

I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past.

Videos help keep us on track.

It’s one big reason I try to keep the posts on my blogs here relatively short and to the point, with a little tongue in cheek, too.

Saving your valuable time and mine, and maybe providing a little more uplifting positivity to balance out today’s increasingly challenging world news, too.

I will always celebrate and use the power of words, too, especially when covering more complex topics.

And real books will always be a mainstay, including on my nightstand.

That said, I hope you’ll check out my new VideoPage and share your feedback, too.

I‘ve tried to include something of value for everyone that visits this site.

That now includes Video.

Because the future is now.

I‘m trying hard to keep up.

Maybe you can teach a more-seasoned writer a few new tricks.

Hope you’ll take advantage of all I share and that it in some way enhances your life and motivates you to chase big dreams, too.

I also welcome your feedback, too.

Reminder that only your comments will appear. You do not have to give your email or your firstborn.

Note: All spam and other nastiness will be immediately deleted.

As it should be. No time for that.

Maybe make better use of your time, and possibly help change the world for the better.

Your life, too.

Power of One.

Are you using videos more and more in your personal & professional world?