Shortly before my son passed away in 2003, we had begun the process of enrolling Eric in a terrific educational program near San Francisco called The Bridge School. The non profit immerses/trains children with severe speech and physical challenges in the use of valuable technology and does so in an inclusive educational setting.

Located just outside of San Francisco in the town of Hillsboro, the school will hold its 25th annual music concert this weekend. Headliners for the Oct. 22nd and 23rd Bridge School Concert include Dave Matthews, Nora Jones, Tony Bennett, the Foo Fighters, and others. Jimmy Falon is scheduled to MC on Saturday.

Neil Young and his wife Pegi, whose two children have attended The Bridge School, are the yearly organizers of this exciting musical event, the school’s biggest annual fundraiser. You can see the 25th Anniversary concert poster and view a trailer on Neil Young’s site here. Find the school on FB here.

Posting this today reminds me just how excited we were about what this program could have offered our son. I’m so please the school continues its remarkable mission. Technology continues to open up the world for those with special needs.

That does my heart good.
Event poster courtesy of The Bridge School.