I haven’t really been in the market lately for another purse. I’m trying hard to curb unnecessary spending, share the excess with others, and enjoy what I already own.

Always a challenge.

I’m also focused in on smaller purses that don’t shout logos and shocking prices or weigh me down.

That said, I’ve been a bit crazy about the color yellow lately, both for my wardrobe and home design. It’s not always an easy shade to find.

So, I broke my own rule about grabbing another purse when I saw this beautiful COACH purse at T.J. Maxx the other day.

I love it.

It’s a perfect shade of yellow and big enough to hold what I need when I go out, without being too heavy. It offers options for both handheld, and crossbody, something I usually choose these days. That feature helps me keep my purse under control, while keeping my shopping hands free to touch and explore the fashion and garden goods that I encounter. It’s also easier on my shoulder, which is a bit testy lately from gardening.

‘Tis the season.

The interior is a lovely fabric and boasts two simple pockets and one zipped. The exterior also has a zipped compartment perfect for your phone. The width is a little narrower than most larger purses, which I love. It’s just enough to fight excess bulk.

COACH was once considered a pretty hot brand for a purse. I remember wanting one years ago when I couldn’t afford one. It seems to be back big again according to all those online influencers, and these stylish bags are just as lovely as ever.

The original tag still on this beautiful, pebbled bag states a price of $350 US and $425 Canadian, I got the stunner for $149 plus tax.

Happy fashion dance!

A true T.J. Maxx find, one I can see myself passing down to my daughter.

Here is the description on the original tag, in case you want to try to hunt one down for yourself, Sassy Fashionistas!

A sunny, yellow bag has definitely brightened my wardrobe. Maybe it will do the same for yours. Here’s the official tag info. Happy hunting!

COACH SFT PBBL SHAY SB 10011289JAX 1 95031 68441 8 / TJ Maxx Sku: 100752

Winter Images 2023