Now that the weather has turned a bit more unpredictable and colder, with less time spent outdoors, I’ve found myself returning to my love of books and reading.

One particular title recently captured my attention after I’d read a good review of it by someone online.

Melody Beattie’s book, “Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul,” offers up valuable words of wisdom for those on a sacred healing or spiritual journey of any kind.

Because she addresses important topics for personal growth daily, it’s easy to focus on one thought at a time, how it impacts you now, and what you want or need to do with it to move forward.

That said, I’ve decided to spend the next few weeks diving in and sharing that journey with you here using Beattie’s book as part of my commitment to my Sunday Spirit reflections.

Today’s topic is about transformation and what we do when something dramatic happens in our lives.

For me, certainly my son’s disability and his death at age 12 were beyond life altering.

Grief and loss are never easy subjects to stare down, especially with raw, painful emotion always hovering close to the surface.

Beattie suggests that’s exactly what one must to do.

She talks honestly about feeling your feelings, all of them, and just how important that is to personal growth and moving forward in your life in positive ways.

We live in a culture that allows little room for grief and loss and dealing with those tough life challenges that most will face at one time or another.

So many of us run at such a fast and furious pace. It can be tough to finally give ourselves permission to stop, reflect and to heal.

But we still carry all the feels with us until we do just, as we frantically chase the elusive happiness that so many seem to be on a desperate journey to find.

Peace and healing isn’t uncovered in the most frantic moments.

But rather, the quiet and honest ones.

I’m at a place in my own life where I’m finally pausing, reflecting more deeply, and cleaning out my emotional closets.

There’s still a lot in there.

I’ve picked at it all over the years. I’ve written about. I’ve committed myself to helping others face similar challenges well for thirty years.

Now, it’s time for me to do my remaining grief work for my own healing and growth.

No doubt, I will share some of that emotional journey with you here on Sundays, especially since I’m in the middle of writing my memoir.

Maybe that bold weekend share will be good for us both.

Only time spent freeing all those closely guarded emotions will tell.

Stay tuned for more healing and personal growth.

Overdue transformation.

Yours and mine.

What powerful emotions do you need to resolve and release?