If you’re a regular visitor to this blog and familiar with my work/book on special needs, you know I always encourage you to advocate for the cause in whatever way possible. It goes with the territory.

Yesterday, I added my voice to those protesting the film Tropic Thunder (DreamWorks/Ben Stiller) because of the frequent use of the word retard and the inexcusable, outdated, negative portrayal of those with intellectual disabilities (formerly known as mental retardation).
Today, I am asking you to add your voice in response to the email below from my friends at Special Olympics. It gives you an opportunity to easily take a stand on this timely issue.
Please consider adding your pledge to the new Special Olympics campaign designed to create awareness and stop use of the R-word. Words DO hurt millions of people worldwide with special needs. It’s time that our use of this ugly six-letter word stopped. It serves no valuable purpose while doing potential harm to millions of people trying to live out their best lives with dignity, respect and opportunity, too.
Here’s the info and call for action from my friend Kirsten Suto Seckler at Special Olympics: Please take a moment to take part in this important advocacy. It does matter.   
(Photo courtesy of Special Olympics/used with permission).


This week, Special Olympics is launching a new campaign to raise consciousness about the derogatory use of the word “retard.” We are launching this campaign now because of this week’s release of the film “Tropic Thunder” which has scenes that insult and demean people with intellectual disabilities.

I am asking you to help make a stand. Visit www.r-word.org to take a pledge not to use the R-word – even if you don’t mean it that way.

You can also help by boycotting the film “Tropic Thunder.”

Thanks for your support in advance! Together we can all create a more accepting and inclusive society.

All the best,

PS – Please pass this along!

Kirsten Suto Seckler
Director, Global Marketing and Awareness
Special Olympics, Inc.
1133 19th Street NW
Washington DC 20036
1-202-715-1147 – office
1-202-492-6671- mobile
1-202-824-0354 – fax

“If you are a fan of dignity, acceptance and the human race, then you are already a fan of Special Olympics”


Thank you for joining us in this important, long-overdue effort. Together, we can and do make a difference in the lives of those with special needs.
Click here to the ARC website to see Timothy Shriver’s comments on CNN during Monday night’s protest at the Tropic Thunder’s LA premiere (note protesters’ t-shirts proclaiming ‘Tropic Blunder’).


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