I love sharing positive stories that highlight the individual ability that lies beyond special needs. I came across such a piece this weekend from the Grand Rapids Press about philanthropist and disability advocate, Kate Pew Wolters, who among other impressive accomplishments, has a degree in Social Work from Michigan State University.

Wolters is chair of the Steelcase Foundation and member of the board of directors of the global furniture company (Steelcase) based in Grand Rapids. She was born in 1957 with a form of dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia, which adversely affects the development of cartilage and bones in hands, legs and feet. Wolters uses a wheelchair. That’s the brief disability stats reality, but Kate Pew Wolters is much more than a disability. She stands just 3 feet 5 inches tall, but the woman has become a disability advocacy giant, and she’s living life full out.

I can’t improve upon the terrific feature writer Morgan Jarema penned for The Grand Rapids Press about this amazing woman. So I’l just let you read the piece yourself. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration for a brand new week of focusing on ability, while again recognizing the power of having a family who believes in you. Well worth the read.

Find it here.

Photo courtesy of Steelcase.