The demands of special needs parenting often define a parent’s day, and his/her life. That’s why I encourage parents to take time to balance out their lives and add some normalcy to what can sometimes feel like a pretty unnatural life.  You can do this through exercise, having coffee with a friend, listening to music that makes you dance, going to the movies or out to eat, or catching your favorite reality show (mindless escape), etc.

Another option is to follow an uplifting blog, one that isn’t just about special needs. There’s no shortage of them online.  The Marmelade Gypsy is a popular blog by a good friend of mine that attracts readers from all over the world, and yes, it’s pretty much a chick site. Jeanie is great at providing photos and commentary about a variety of life moments, including those involving art and travel. What she shares there can help you escape your demands for a few moments, which may allow you to return to the reality of your parenting challenges a bit less stressed, and more balanced. Think armchair travel.

Although it may not feel like it, there is life beyond special needs. You just have to take time to explore the options, and you can always start your own blog.

But please keep coming back to mine. 
Photo of Jeanie Croope by Judy Winter 2011