Contact the Media. Inform print, radio/tv broadcast and other media (by phone, email or letter) that you approve of their coverage of special needs issues. Tell them about your child and why such coverage matters to you.

This is great opportunity to let your voices be heard, and yes, it does matter. The awareness and understanding created by such media efforts is priceless and far reaching. It often impacts your family, too.

Here are just a few examples of television programs currently doing a great job of including special needs: Way to go, ABC!

Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
Extreme Makeover-Home Edition (ABC)
Oprah’s Big Give (ABC)
CNN (lots of autism programming, including on Larry King Live!)

You can also respond to local media coverage in your own hometown.

Special Note: Coming Up this month:

PBS-‘Rolling,’ a documentary about wheelchair users airing nationwide this month. Check local stations for broadcast times. Also, watch for the April airing of the PBS program “Hubert’s World,” which focuses on the triumphs and challenges of a man with cerebral palsy.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughterr, based on the bestselling book and airing on Lifetime, Saturday, April 12th. (Down syndrome).

Here’s the link to share feedback for that movie:

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