Okay, I admit that I went to see Shrek the Third this weekend, even though I don’t have any young children, and I know that it knocked Spideyman from his skyscraper perch because the entertainment news is all over that reality.

But I don’t get what the fuss is all about. I’m not trying to be an ogre with a bad attitude, but I went to see this movie to be entertained. I expected to laugh loudly along with all those adorable chatty kids in the theater, especially the curly haired little cutie sitting next to me who asked boldly what I was doing sitting next to her daddy?! I assured her I was only there to see Shrek!

I was expecting the easy laughs that came with the first two movies, laughter that made me leave the theater still smiling and feeling fine. But this time, not so much laughter or enough movie-goer satisfaction. My husband and I agreed just a short time into the plot that this was going to be a long movie…and we should have visited the restrooms first!

As a writer, I found the writing tired, the plot repetitive, and the jokes too few and far between. What happened to all the great humor relief provided by Donkey and Puss ‘N Boots in the first two installments? Why did they save this winning duo’s best work for the closing credits- a highlight of the movie?!! Give me more cat and donkey interaction and less ogre, please!

If you’re looking for a fairly harmless movie to take your kids to, especially if you like noisy movie theaters so you don’t have to worry so much about keeping your child quiet (I remember having that concern many times when my son was young and noise/touch sensitive!), then go see it. But you might want to leave your great expectations at home.

Unless the writers get their creative mojo back on track, Shrek may have run it’s magical course.

But that’s just my humble opinion…

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