I admit it. I’m thoroughly enchanted with the whimsical artwork of D.J. Svoboda. 
I first blogged about D.J., who has autism, on August 27, 2008 after he wrote me about his creative work and efforts to raise positive autism awareness. Today, D.J. informed me that one of his wonderful Imagifriend drawings has been included in the Autism Society of North Carolina’s 2008 holiday cards.
Teapot, the Imagifriend image chosen, but with holiday revisions, is at left. (Image used with permission. D.J. Svoboda 2008. All rights reserved).
Huge congratulations, D.J.! Watch for more about this talented artist in my December Picture This! Faces of Abilities. 
Click here to order the holiday cards: autismsociety-NC.org
I love it when you share success stories with me!!! Keep ’em coming!