I admit that I’m madly in love with photography these days. With a camera in hand, I find the days pass quickly and my mood improves dramatically.  
I feel giddy.
Photography makes me feel like I do when I write purely from the heart. 
It’s a love affair that began years ago, before I shelved it to pursue my love for writing full force.  Recently, I’ve begun shooting again with a much better camera and I couldn’t be happier. I look forward to seeing where it takes me with a focus on using the lens to tell special needs stories in a brand new way as a photojournalist.
My renewed love affair with the camera has made me even more appreciative of the remarkable talents of photographer friends that I plan to feature from time to time on this blog, beginning with W. Spencer Parshall. That’s one of his many wonderful photos of France above, used with his permission.
I’ve known Wally for years, since doing a feature on him for a Michigan newspaper. He was boldly planning his escape from the corporate banking world to fulfill his life-long dream of living the life of a full-time freelance photographer, complete with lots of unknowns, a cozy little studio and busy art fair schedule.  I was still pursuing feature/column work and dreaming of book publication.

I’m happy to say that the artist gig and risky choice by Wally turned out just fine (and I got my book published!). The man’s outstanding work is today popular with the discriminating art show circuit crowd and many others. 
This talented photog is also one of the nicest, most unassuming people you’ll ever meet, always generously sharing the details of his craft, all of which makes it especially easy to sing his praises. 
That’s me with Wally at a 2008 Labor Day art show in Michigan this past weekend, along with one of my shots of his booth.
I celebrate Wally’s success and talent with this well-deserved shout out! He’s an example for others hoping to realize artistic dreams.  You can find out more about the man and his work at:

Tell Wally that one of his biggest fans sent you!
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