Anyone who does anything to help a child in this life is a hero to me.”- Fred Rogers

This morning began lovely enough- cool, fall-like weather (a special treat after this summer’s oppressive, relentless humidity), AC off, my office door open to backyard birds chirping energetically, and my fav hot peach tea in hand, an indulgence made possible by the delightfully cooler weather!

Oh yeh, and I just read a blurb about Sharon Osbourne banning Paris Hilton from the popular program ‘America’s Got Talent’, because as Osborne says, “she has no talent.” Can’t disagree there, and please stay out of political campaigning, Paris!

I love that AGT show! It makes me alternately cry and stand up and cheer. Okay, sometimes I boo loudly or cringe and peek between my fingers, like when the guy swallowed the sword! Fortunately, his act was cut, no pun intended.

But it was while checking out the other daily headlines on AOL, that I read the real entertainment news:

PBS may axe daily airings of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!!! (while we renew programs like Flavor Flav and Tila Tequila..).  
Say it isn’t so!!  Is nothing sacred anymore?
In this day of increasingly bad reality TV, violent video games, overtly sexualized messages airing at all hours easily viewed by children of all ages in their homes, (don’t give me that just-turn-the-channel garbage at 9 a.m. when innocent little kids are simply looking for Big Bird!!), I believe strongly that we need Fred Rogers’ simple, wise voice, familiar red sweater and great example more than ever before- especially with Jerry Springer and the likes very much alive in daytime television.
We can, and must, do better by our children.
Save Mister Rogers!
To find out more about how you can add your voice to saving the gentle giant who has influenced the lives of many children, and adults, visit:
The world needs him, and so do our kids.
Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations