A quick update regarding tonight’s episode of Dance War: Team Bruno vs Team Carrie Ann.

Members of the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA) have been informed that they WILL have 60 seconds of fame on tonight’s show. (See my Feb. 8 entry for more details). Check your local listings for broadcast time.

First, the PepsiCo Superbowl ad and the inclusion of kids with Down syndrome in the Oprah MLK tribute earlier this month, and now this! It’s this kind of continued coverage (in addition to on-going media talk of autism on programs like Larry King Live and Oprah) that indicates valuable progress is being made in creating awareness and acceptance of a wide range of special needs coverage in major media.

Very cool…and long overdue.

Congrats to Gail Williamson and DSALA members for pulling this off! This is great exposure during valuable prime-time on a hot new program! Be sure to watch- and vote!
-And remember to write the network and tell them you approve!

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