On this, the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I invite you to pause and reflect on how Dr. King’s work for equality and justice matters to all who value their freedoms, regardless of race. I hope you’ll take time to read my past tribute to Dr. King on this blog dated January 20, 2008 entitled Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Day 2008.

I encourage you to visit the resources listed there to better understand Dr. King’s work and legacy, and the value they hold for those who care about social justice today. I honor his life today by recognizing the remarkable and effective advocacy that resulted from King’s bold commitment to serving as a relentless and compassionate voice for others. I am also reminded of the high cost of such advocacy. It’s a reality I came to better appreciate as I fought for a better life for my son, Eric.

Dr. King’s lessons in humanity and humility continue to impact my work on special needs issues today and are worthy of our reflection. We can all make a difference in this world. All you need is a dream. Right, Dr. King?

What’s yours?

Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations