Here’s my brief, early take on the new Woody Harrelson film, CHAMPIONS, (which has been receiving great reviews), out in movie theaters today!

The humorous and heartwarming film tells the story of a former minor-league basketball coach (Harrelson) who is court ordered to community service that involves managing a basketball team of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ID). Under his coaching, the team learns to play together and makes a run at being true Champions.

The film features some athletes from Special Olympics, among other actors with disabilities.

In a recent New York Times article, Harrelson admitted that he’d spent very little time in his life interacting with people with disabilities. He went on to rave about the cast, calling his interactions with the actors with ID one of the best movie experiences of his life.

While I don’t always agree with what Harrelson says and does, I do like what he has said and done regarding his experience with Champions.

Never too late to educate yourself, and others.

Watch the Champions movie trailer here:

Read the NY Times piece on Harrelson here: Woody Harrelson Can Play Anyone. It’s Being Himself That’s Hard. – The New York Times (

Check out the on-going mission of Special Olympics here: Special Olympics

Here’s hoping such movie-making progress helps lead to more disability acceptance, and additional roles for actors with a wide range of disabilities.

Redefining Champions.

That’s a big disability moviemaking deal.

Do you plan to see the film?