Michigan and Mother Nature have gifted us with an unusually warm winter and a warmer than normal spring. We celebrated that first day of spring last night on our deck with our grown up kids, three excited dogs, and no technology in sight. Windows were opened to capture a rare mid-March summer breeze, leftover white holiday lights contributed to the celebratory mood. Sat down to grilled blackened tilapia, marinated tender asparagus and a delicious tossed salad, light on the lettuce please, followed by my creative dessert concoction of fresh pineapple, strawberries, Greek yogurt and angel food cake topped with leftover Thin Mints (how’d we miss those???). Washed dishes the old-fashioned way while breathing in the remaining, intoxicating joy and energy, laughter and love left behind as our daughter, son in law and cherished granddoggies returned to their full, productive twenty-something lives in the big city.

Life doesn’t get any richer than that.

Celebrate your best life/family moments whenever you have them. They’ll help you face the tougher days.

Judy Winter Photography 2012