I love rainy days and Monday.

After days on end of nothing but sun and heat and sultry humidity, I find renewed energy and creative motivation when the sun goes a bit dark.

Like today.

Cloudy skies and gentle rain are helping me put my butt in the writer’s chair and create.

In short, I actually get stuff done.

For a writer, that’s kind of a big deal.

While the sun is a bit sleepy today, it’s still humid.


Since I like to look like I at least tried a little bit in the fashion department even when the weather interferes, I go for style and comfort, so I don’t feel like I’m sweating to death.

Today, I went for easy dressing.

Just pulled a couple of old favs from my closet.

Not everything has to be new to make me feel like a Sassy Monday Fashionsta.


I love the simple ease of this strappy black dress.

Which I think I got a HM a few summers ago.

It’s a keeper.

Lightweight, lightly lined and not hugging my body on a day when I’m just trying to stay reasonable cool and comfy.

Can you relate?

I added to it an artist-friend’s beaded necklace with fringe (still on trend) that I scored a couple of years back.

Finally, I put on a couple of my favorite rings and my new go-to silver UGG sandals to help make it all work.

At least it does for me.

I feel cool and comfortable.

Still stylish.

Take that, relentless humidity.

What easy fashion is on repeat for you during these hot summer days that still helps meet your professional standards?

As always, this fashion rant is all my own.