Okay, the Michigan State University Spartans didn’t win the first-ever Carrier Classic against the North Carolina Tar Heels last Friday night. But as a Spartan fan, could you have felt any prouder being Green than while seeing Coach Izzo right in the center frame with the President and Mrs. Obama standing in front of him, and then hearing the Pres. call both Izzo and our team one of the best in the country?

And how about seeing that great Spartan Magic Johnson right in the thick of it (and giving $1 million to MSU!!!), or knowing that Spartan leader Mark Hollis started it all in motion? And what about seeing the troops and all the terrific program production that captured the reason for the evening so dramatically, and then watching our team give their jerseys to the troops at the evening’s end?

What a wonderful night to be a Spartan, and a much-needed example for a weary world. Class Act.

Sometimes, it’s easy being Green.

Photos Judy Winter 2011