Today’s outfit is all about comfort, with a dash of Monday style. Since I’m fighting off a pesky sinus infection (Covid negative), I wanted something to make me feel a little better while spending some time under the covers trying to knock this thing out. The grey Color Me Cotton (CMC) pants and Athleta pink wrap sweater (which I also have in black) will keep me cozy and make me feel a bit more productive when I am at my desk. The gold Free People earrings featured last week are now on repeat. My mauve, Big-Buckle Birkies seal today’s Sassy Fashionista deal, and I added socks, something I swore I’d never do with Birkenstocks (never say never). It’s still a little too chilly in the Midwest to go bare footin’, especially when you’re fighting off the crud. Along with lots of Vit C, chicken soup (I’m a fan), and other cold-fighting goodies, this gear should help make me feel better. Easy. Cute. Comfortable. Affordable. Dash of pink. I’m all in for that.

Besides trusty sweats & well-worn jammies, what’s your go-to outfit when you’re feeling down and out?

As always, fashion rant is my own. For now.