Whenever possible, I love presenting the faces of those with special needs.  

Too often, the images of disability held in the minds of the general public are outdated and negative, something from the Dark Ages.  
Yet so many of these diverse faces are beautiful and moving. They speak volumes.
Presenting them here is part of my commitment to creating greater awareness of the beauty, value and potential of this population.
That said:  Presenting the beautiful Miss Ava Burns. This angelic photo was taken by the multi-talented Blair Williamson, a busy working Hollywood actor with Down sydrome. Photo used with permission.
To quote the incredible Stevie Wonder (a huge special needs success story), “Isn’t she lovely?”
If you have a favorite image of a child or family member with special needs (including adults), please send it to me so that I can share it here as part of my on-going Picture This!  Faces of Ability posts.
It’s one  simple way you can help me redefine ability and beauty for the masses.
Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words.  In fact,  I love this one so much that I’m presenting it in color and black/white!  That’s double advocacy. Thanks, Ava and Blair!
Wish I could take credit for the cool shot…
Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations