Presenting one of my favorite people in the world, Grace Simon! (Photos: Follow Grace as she gets off the school bus, travels down the school hallways and begins working independently on her computer).

Grace is a spirited, charming, smart and incredibly cute 8-year-old with cerebral palsy who loves the color pink (me, too!). I first met Grace and her remarkable grandmother, Pat Simon, when they attended RicStar’s Camp a few years ago, a birthday gift to Grace from her adoring grandma. Lucky for us, RicStar’s Camp attendance has become an annual summer tradition in the Simon household. Watching this young lady blossom has been rewarding for all involved.
Pat is one terrific grandmother who shares a few words about the granddaughter she adores, along with some valuable words of wisdom for other families. (Photos & tips used with permission). The role grandparents and other family members play in the lives of these children is priceless. Thank you, all!
“Grace Elizabeth Simon is an 8-year-old first grader included in her neighborhood school. She’s the daughter of Eric and Jenni Simon and the oldest of four siblings. In the photos, you can see Grace working on her computer on a program called “Clicker 5”. All of her school work is scanned into the computer, Using the roller joystick, she’s able to do the same work as her classmates. School has been a wonderful experience for her. Her warm personality and friendly smile have caused the entire school to embrace her. Grace’s determination to achieve is amazing, and when she enters a room, her presence is immediately felt by everyone. (Only a Grandma would say that!).  During the summer months, Grace enjoys horseback riding and attending RicStar’s Camp. This year, Grace also joined 4-H, where her projects included baking and vegetable gardening.”

Grandma Pat’s Wisdom:
  • Give the child with special needs the same things other grandchildren need; love, laughter, and acceptance.
  • Be present for each moment. Spending one-on-one time is so rewarding,
  • Let the child know what a blessing he/she is to you. Your love and assurance will give him/her the confidence necessary to meet all those daily challenges.
  • Give the gift of your time to the parents. (AMEN!!) Be willing to help out and be supportive of your children’s parenting decisions.
  • Having Grace as a Granddaughter has given me a stronger faith and a richer love.
Allow me to add one more:  Encourage other family members to get involved in your grandchild’s life, too. Become a powerful example and speak up. It does make a difference.

Thanks, Pat, for sharing some of Grace’s abilities with us!  Hugs to you both!

You go, Grace!!
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