Presenting one of my fav new artists, D.J. Svoboda
If you follow my blog, you know that D.J. Svoboda is a talented young artist who recently contacted me to share his story and his cool artwork. I’ve selected D.J. for my December Picture This! Faces of Ability. Check out his words and work, and then share your own success stories with me! I’d love to feature your abilities here, too! Together, we can show people with special needs CAN do, and it’s about time!
My name is D.J. Svoboda and I am a Autistic Artist. I have created The Imagifriends based on difficult situations I have faced growing up with Autism. They are brightly colored characters who help and support one another. They live in a wonderful place called Imagiville where everyone is accepted ” just the way they are” and no one is ever picked on or mistreated. I want to use my art to help encourage others with Autism and to let them know that they too can help make the world a better place. I have just had my first book published about acceptance for those with Autism. You can learn more about me, my book and my mission by visiting my website at
Have a very wonderful day, everyday!”
-Special Note: As I shared in a previous post, The Autism Society of North Carolina. has included one of D.J.’s Imagifriends images in their 2008 Holiday Cards. To order, visit: Autism Society of North Carolina.To listen to/read D.J.’s recent media interview, click here: NBC 17
Keep imagining and creating, D.J.!!  I feel jollier just looking at your friends.
Images used with permission of artist. All rights reserved.