Today is a great day, and my photo journal post reflects that. Not only is the sun shining and melting all that pesky snow, but today we honor, and scarf, Packis, those yummy Polish goodies that help kick off the true promise of spring.  We stuff ourselves silly before Catholics in the excited bakery crowd have to give up their fav stuff for Lent (sorry guys). Today, we get much-needed relief from bad weather and bad news. Amazing what a bit of dough and sugary filling can do for the country’s mood, or at least for those in my neighborhood.

Not only am I on a sugar high, like many in the nation, but I also just spotted my first two Robins scarfing berries off my trees, another welcome sign that perhaps Spring really is in the works. Plus, I got a cardinal shot to boot, and I have included a rose from a fav store that appreciatively wraps every single purchase made with beauty and love and keeps customers returning for more.

Finally, back by popular demand, there’s Jack. He and I delivered pazckis to my in laws this morning, (he is a working breed after all), right before my adorable new buddy got a small sample of his delicious delivery (note the evidence on his bear snout!). Now, an extra walk is in the works for both of us, right after we finish our pazcki-induced naps in that warm, fleeting sun.
I’ll attack my writing deadlines tomorrow, once I feel more coherent.
Hope you’re having a sweet day, too.

All photos Judy Winter 2009