Throughout the month of October, people will be recognizing and celebrating individuals with Down syndrome to help create greater awareness about this disability.

I will do the same here and on my professional Facebook page where I post about disability daily. Icon link at top of header.

According to the United Nations, Down syndrome is a genetic condition that involves an extra chromosome, #21. It impacts between 1 in 1,000 to 1,100 live births each year worldwide and presents with a wide range of cognitive, physical and other health conditions.

As we recognize and celebrate the lives of those with this disability this month, and on World Down Syndrome Day in March, let’s also remember to create greater awareness and acceptance of those diagnosed with Down syndrome and other disabilities throughout the year, helping create important and much-needed change.

Read more at the United Nations, UN.Org, or at the National Down Syndome Society (NDSS) at

Knowledge is power.

Photo courtesy of RicStar’s Camp.