Target has a long history of including kids with special needs in its advertising, efforts I’ve applauded in the past. What I like about a recent blog post entitled Target is Down with Down Syndrome: 5 Things Target Said by Saying Nothing at All, about the retail giant’s marketing decisions to not make a big deal about using a model with DS in its advertising, is the kudos come from the father of a child with Down syndrome, aka Noah’s dad.

I’m a big believer in the valuable role played by dads in all families, but especially in families that have children with special needs. Great dads rarely receive enough praise for what they do. I’m thrilled their voice/perspective/advocacy is out there in the blogging world, too.

Read one dad’s take on special needs parenting, and about Target’s recent marketing efforts, here.

Dads are Very Important Parents (VIPs), too.

Photo Judy Winter 2012