If you are a person of faith, perhaps today would be a good day to not only remember what happened on 9/11 with all 3,000 lives and so much innocence lost.

But a good day to reflect on where we are as a country and about how far too many people have strayed.

After 9/11, the country came together in ways it should

Twenty-one years later, it sometimes feels as if we’ve forever lost our way.

But I believe strongly that the majority of people are good and are again raising their voices to promote peace and respect and honesty, modeling what true faith is really about.

It’s not about ego and power and hate and selfishness.

Yet today, too many have loudly and shamelessly misused that megaphone.

If ever there was a day for a reboot of humanity, personal reflection, and love of country, this would it.

If this country and democracy matters to you.

Regardless, we should never forget September 11th.

That’s the real danger here.

In honor or all those lives lost, spread love today and tomorrow and the day after that.

Not hate or lies or mistrust.

The good, the faithful, and the decent need to raise their voices louder, too.

Therein lies real healing and hope and promise for better tomorrows.

Do your part.


That is my Sunday Spirit wish this week.

Never, ever forget.

Both the horrific event, and the way in which our country came together to survive and to heal.

Be a difference maker.

For all the right reasons.

How are you using your voice to make a positive difference during these difficult times?