Many books on the market today are geared toward adults hoping to better address the personal and professional challenges of children with a wide range of special needs. 

Too few directly address the child with the disability, or their extended family members.
In Ceana Has CP, author C. Fran Card has done doting grandparents of kids with special needs, and their families, proud. The work was born when Card came up short shopping for a picture book to help her granddaughter better understand her cerebral palsy, and her important place in the family.
What the author has created is an engaging and valuable read for anyone hoping to better explain or understand the value of individual differences and disability within their own families and professional circles. 
While it appears that Ceana’s disability is milder than that of some other children, many families will relate to this heartfelt story none the less.  The book  also showcases what a typical life Ceana leads in spite of her challenges, something I found to be its true editorial strength.
Ceana Has CP is beautifully illustrated by Violet Freeland and geared toward kids ages 3 to 7.
Worth the read.  To learn more, visit Ceana’s Place.
Photos by Judy Winter 09