I was thrilled to hit the mailbox today and find my advice (and book title) in the current (Jul/Aug) issue of Writer’s Digest.

My words are included in the article “Hindsight’s 20/20. WD Readers Who Are Published Authors Share What They Wish They’d Known About the Process Going In–and Help You See Your Own Book’s Future More Clearly.” It’s part of the WD editorial theme: ‘Pub 101:Your Publishing Survival Guide.

The issue provides valuable info for all you wanna-be authors. I wish I’d had it when I was beginning my intensive book process. Also included are articles with Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist, Anne Tyler, (cover) and PBS travel-guru, Rick Steves. Not a bad issue to be in.
Check it out- and then go get yourself published!
Above photo: That’s me in the parenting section of the Fifth Ave. Barnes & Noble, NYC. It was a thrill to find my book there, I assure you! It can happen to you, too!