There are several informative and entertaining special needs parenting blogs being written today by moms and dads who are walking this often dicey walk. One of my new favs is flappiness is: Navigating the World of Early Childhood Autism with One Special Little Boy by Leigh Merryday, the parent of two young children under age six, including one with autism.

Can you imagine this mom’s daily challenges?

I recently featured her blog post An Apology From Your Child’s Former Teacher, a post which has generated lots of reaction, pro and con. Merryday’s words are especially helpful for those parents of kids challenged by autism. But I find this mom’s insightful, honest and humorous posts worth the read by all who care about children with special needs, and by those trying to better understand its big challenges and many rewards.

Merryday doesn’t sugarcoat her daily reality and she’s not afraid to tackle controversy, which I believe helps her better educate others. And that, helps create needed change. Kudos to you, Leigh Merryday.

Read flappiness is here.

Photo courtesy of Leigh Merryday. Used with permission.